Season BEGINS June 14, 2015! Registration is now closed.

League Information

IndyCatholic Intramural Kickball Rules | Team List | Master Schedule (all will be available once all registrations are in!)

Teams: Each team will be made up of 14 players. 4 women need to be in the outfield (keep this in mind when making your team!) When signing up with friends, just make sure to add their names to your registration! If you are signing up as an individual, then we’ll place you with some great people.

INDY Rules: Our games are little different than your normal playground rules. We play with a hardball (more like a soccer ball) and we’ll be playing on turf. So bring your cleats if you have them (if not, no biggie).

Rain Days: We will let you know about cancellations due to weather through email. Unless it is a downpour or there’s thunder and lightening, we will still play! If there is a rain day, all games will be rescheduled at the end of the season and the tournament will start one week later.

Food/Drink: The concession stand will have minimal snacks and drinks. We encourage you and your teammates to bring a picnic lunch or after game snack.

Location and Facility Guidelines: All games are played at Bishop Chatard High School football field (5885 Crittenden Ave, 46220).

  1. Parking: there is plenty of parking! Please enter football field through the southwest gate (there will be a sign).
  2. Food: there is NO food allowed on the track or field. Drinks are OK. There is a separate area by the concessions with tables where you can eat before and after games. If you bring any food, please leave it in this area.*
  3. Lawn Chairs: you may bring some, however they are not allowed on track. You can have them with you on the field (turf) when you are playing or use them in the concession area.*
  4. No fee for your guests! If you bring a cheering section, they can sit/hang out by the field, in the stands, or by the concession stand.

*Bishop Chatard recently updated their athletic fields and now have artificial turf and a new track surface. These are very expensive to clean or replace if food is spilled. Chairs are not allowed on the track, because the surface is made to be flexible and absorb weight distribution and therefore the lawn chairs being sat in could create indentations on the surface which would then need to be replaced. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!