Our Father’s Love

by Katie Sahm

My dearest child,

I have been waiting so long for you,

Yes, you.

Did you know? I love with an everlasting love

And you are mine.

For you I have come.

You have captured my heart.

Stay with me, remain here in my love.

All I have is yours

All I am is for you.

I wish to fill your heart with all that you long for.

Let me

Let me love you.

Please, I beg you, let me hold you.

I’ve longed for you incessantly, always looking toward the horizon, watching, waiting for you to come home.

And now you are here with me.

I cannot contain my joy – it abounds!

And my spirit pours forth…

Please, let me in, please open your heart.

All I have ever wanted was to be with you, my daughter, my son.

By coming to me, you have given me my one desire – you.

O how you’ve consoled my heart, my fair one.

It is for you that I came to this earth

It is you whom I give my body.

It was my love for you, yes you, that gave me the courage to get upon that cross.

Every drop of blood was for you

It’s all been for you.

Please, please believe.

I ask for your trust.

Know that all I do is out of love and mercy for you.

O my anxious one, I see your burden

I feel your heavy heart.

All your worry, all the darkness…

I want it all.

Let me be your light, come to me.

I will take care of you

I will provide.

One day all your tears will be wiped away.

The joy you seek is real

The love you long for exists

There is peace, I promise.

Oh how happy I am – for you are here

With me once again.

I have looked forward to this day for so long.

This moment, when I get to embrace my child and pour so many graces upon you.

I give myself freely

Just let me love you.

I am your great encourager

I am the one who gives you strength

I am your hope.

I am the way, the truth

I am life.

There is so much I want to give you

Things you can’t even fathom.

And they are yours, my child, your inheritance.

Receive the gifts I offer

I want you to have them.

It is my desire to lavish my love on you

Simply because you are my child

And I am your Father.

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