Theology on Tap

Join us every other week in the summer at McGowan Hall on the Old Northside of Indianapolis for one of our most popular followings. Gather with 300+ other young adults for food, drinks, and our summer speaker series.

2018 Line Up

In the summer months, we gather every other Wednesday for a Catholic speaker series at McGowan Hall on the Old Northside of Indianapolis (1305 N Delaware St.). Whether you grew up Catholic, are currently practicing or don't know what you believe, you are welcome to join us to learn how the Church speaks in to various topics.


This summer Theology on Tap features food from local food trucks, drinks from featured local breweries (plus full service bar) and a talk on the struggles we face in our young adult years.


This summer our talks revolve around the theme:
"The struggle is real when it comes to..."

...Debt & Finances. 06.13.18

...Being Engaged in the Church. 06.27.18

...Dating. 07.11.18

...Being Present. 07.25.18

...Making a Decision. 08.08.28

>>>Decisions, decisions. We all have them. In fact, these decisions consume the majority of our young adult lives. Should I take this job? Should I move to this city? Should I marry this person? Every decision we make feels like it has eternal consequence. Is that true and does God care what decision we make? Even deeper, can God help us make these decisions and how?

Fr. Coady Owens, Associate Pastor at Holy Spirit of Geist parish, will give us practical responses to these struggles of answering life’s deepest and most personal questions.


...My Sexuality. 08.22.18

>>>As the late St. John Paul the Great told us, “the body and only the body makes visible the invisible realities of God.” What does it all mean? What do our bodies and sexuality reveal to us about God and His plan for us?


Here's a rundown of the night:

6:15 - doors open / claim food, drinks & seats

7:00 - talk begins

8:00 / 8:30 - talk ends / time for Q & A

8:30 - hang out / typically we don't clear out until 10:00 if you have time to hang!


There's a free parking lot at McGowan Hall and lot's of free street parking on surrounding streets (13th, 14th, Delaware, Pennsylvania,Talbot, Hudson, etc.) Event is free, but food and drinks are not. You don't have to be Catholic to join us, all are welcome!


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