Theology on Tap 2013 Summer Series

June 19 @ Broad Ripple Tavern |  July 3 @ Tin Roof |  July 17 @ Claddagh (downtown) | July 31 @ Slippery Noodle | August 14 @ Broad Ripple Tavern  | August 28 @ Stacked Pickle

JUNE 19 TALK, Brooke Olzedam

Hear Brooke Olzendam’s Talk HERE!  Brooke is a host and sideline reporter for the PACERS and she shares her incredible story of faith with the young adults of Indianapolis!  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

JULY 3 TALK, Janet Sahm

Hear Janet Sahm’s talk on Worth, Dignity, and True Beauty.  Check it out on YouTube! Part 1, Part 2
JULY 17 TALK, Lou Everett
Check out Lou on EWTN’s The Journey Home! 

Theology on Tap is a series that provides a forum for young adults to learn more about the Catholic faith and explore Truth.  Join us this summer as we hear personal experiences of people finding real freedom through the teachings of the faith.

We have the world at our finger tips, yet why do we still feel empty? We discovered what it means to be truly FREE.