Wait, Hope, Expect

by Katie Sahm

Back in the summer, I found this magnet… “Wait, Hope, Expect.”  Simple phrase, but these words really cut me to the core and I’ve been thinking about them ever since.  I realized that this is what God is asking of me… to WAIT with open arms, to HOPE in the Lord’s promises, and to EXPECT great things from the God who loves me so intimately and unconditionally.  Unfortunately I find all this to be very difficult, especially when I feel like I’m always waiting for my prayers to be answered!  I just need to somehow remember each day that I am made for eternity and that my time is so small compared to what God has in store for me FOREVERyeah, preach on Squints!

Still, all this waiting that God makes us go through can seem like torture.  We tend to think of our spiritual lives and God’s promises like the idea of Santa Claus, “but I’ve been good this year, I want presents not coal!”  Yet, sometimes we get the coal despite how “good” we are trying to be.  Despite the many prayers, penances, and praises we do, our expectations of what God should give us fall short of his great plan.  We see only what is right in front of us and therefore we are left thinking that God has somehow forgotten us.

Putting our own time table on God can be detrimental.  We may say “Jesus, I trust in you,” but somewhere in the back of our minds we are hoping that God’s will is our own.  Yet as Christians we are called to conform to His will (not the other way around)!  It is good to give everything in our hearts to the Lord, our desires, needs, hopes.  But we can’t assume that just because we tell Jesus what we want, he’s going to just turn around and give it to us… at least not in the way we expect.

My mom tells me over and over again, “God always does the most merciful thing.”  Meaning, he knows what is best for me, what will bring me the most happiness in this life, and most importantly what and who will help me get to heaven.  Therefore I must wait on the Lord, trusting that this time ‘in between’ has been given for a reason and the joy that is coming will be beyond anything I can imagine.  And why must I do this… because God has promised his children great things and he never goes back on his word!

Each part of our lives has an element of waiting for something that is yet to come.  And a lot of it is accompanied by suffering and hardship, but that’s not the whole story!  There is also grace, forgiveness, and growth, all of which may never have come without the suffering.  As individuals, there are any number of things we are waiting for; as a church, we all await the second coming of Christ!  So instead of being frustrated that we are made to wait for our hearts’ desire, let us grow in patience and see this time in our lives as we do the season of Advent.  Time for repentance, healing, preparing ourselves for the greatest gift of all: an eternal life lived in Christ.  Waiting gives us the opportunity to fine tune our virtues and ready us for when we are able to shout, sing, and dance with joy! One thing is for sure, we can always expect God to surprise us along the way!

Push PLAY if you’re ready to get up and dance for joy!  yes sir! 🙂


Katie works as the Coordinator of Young Adult and College Campus Ministry for the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.  She is also an artist and hopes to help bring beauty to a world thirsting for it!  Katie founded the St. Catherine of Alexandria Women’s House here in Indianapolis and is dedicated to nurturing the spiritual and moral lives of young adults, especially women, knowing full well the difficulties of living as an authentic Catholic in a secular world.  You can check out her website, www.katiesahm.com!

(My glasses almost match Squints’!)




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