Emmaus Group Leaders

We cannot thank you enough for your "yes" to this vital ministry that requires your effort, time, and vulnerability. Thank you for helping us create small communities throughout our city.

Interested in Leading a Group?

The greatest obstacle to this ministry expanding is a need for more leaders. If you are interested in being trained, we would love to journey with you until your group is sailing and beyond.


Our application deadline has passed. If you are interested in joining a group, please contact mcipoletti@archindy.org

Resources for Leaders

When we launched Emmaus Groups in Fall 2016, we did not anticipate how vital they would be to our mission today, as our community has grown immensely. Emmaus Groups are the most intimate encounter someone will ever have with IndyCatholic. They provide a space, unlike our larger events, for people to connect, grow in deep friendship, and relate the faith to their lives in a very personal and real way.


THANK YOU for your “yes” to pray for, invest in, and share your heart, life, and often times, home with the people in your group! The impact of your investment is immeasurable. We truly believe Emmaus Groups are the present and future of IndyCatholic being a healthy, thriving community.


Below are resources that come recommended by us in the office and  your fellow leaders. If you have feedback (positive or negative) on a resource listed on this page, or not listed, we would LOVE your thoughts and feedback! Please email Madison about your experience: mkinast@archindy.org



Lectio with upcoming Sunday Gospel : USCCB.ORG

“We found this to be a good option for ordinary time and for periods when the group was in transition either expanding or contracting. I would recommend this for 4-8 weeks at a time, but not much longer.”


FOCUS Bible Study Resources : FOCUSONCAMPUS .ORG


Ablaze – “The content and discussion questions were a bit too young or irrelevant for our group of married people. However, we were still able to use the lives of the saints to bring about fruitful conversation.”

Pros: Variety of topics, leader guide gives structure to the group

Cons: Most are geared toward college students, so may need to revamp questions to make relevant when preparing


Walking with Purpose – for Women: WALKINGWITHPURPOSE.COM

Opening Your Heart Series – “Super relatable for young adult women.” // “I have led women’s Bible studies for 8 years and have never had content that generates content that is this relevant and relatable to young women. I cannot recommend Walking with Purpose enough for women’s groups.”

Tips: “The expectation for a ‘week’ in these books requires each member to have a daily time to reflect on the topics, so we just go through each section together as a group, so a ‘week’ or lesson takes us a month or two!”


Exodus 90 – for Men: EXODUS90.COM

90 prayer, fasting and exercise challenge for men. Super intense, but can take your brotherhood and daily prayer life to the next level! Not for every group or every guy, but can be very powerful!


Entering into Christ’s Passion – by Dr. Edward Sri: CLICK HERE!

Perfect study for Lent!

“One of the best Bible studies I’ve ever led in my 6 years of leading groups! Breaks down Holy Week into parts of the Mass. Some parts can be dense, but this study completely changed my understanding of Mass! There is a reason for everything we do in Mass that relates back to Scripture!”




We welcome you to take a pause from the direct Bible to do a video series as long as these videos are used as a springboard for discussion. We want people to come to Emmaus Group to deepen relationships with each other and discuss and relate topics to their life, so be mindful to have a solid discussion after a video, don’t let it stand alone. We would also recommend video series not being a majority of the content you use, but as a nice addition occasionally.



Video series and book about prayer. We have a copy in our office if your group would like to borrow it!

“Fantastic!” // “Excellent way to reinvigorate or deepen one's prayer life! I would definitely recommend this!”



Videos + Discussion Questions

Forgiven – video study on Reconciliation – “This 3-part video study on reconciliation was the cause of two women in my group going back to the sacrament for the first time in 5-10 years! Perfect study for the Lenten season.”



Videos to deepen relationship with the Holy Spirit





Personal Testimonies: CLICK HERE FOR A GUIDE!

“This was by far our most beneficial activity. We spent months trying to grow the group to the right size and structure. Once we had 5 very consistent and dedicated couples, it was time to give everyone a chance to fill in the gaps in their story. We sent out a simple Pauline outline (Life before Christ, 'Come to Jesus' moment(s), Life in Christ, Invitation & Witness) and allowed our members to make the testimony as long or short or organized or inspired as they wanted. Two members presented each night and two more would volunteer for the following week. After each testimony, other members were encouraged to share reactions, to ask questions, and to relate with common experiences. I would highly recommend this for recently formed groups and for longstanding groups with new members.”



“Once or twice between studies or when not everyone could make it and we wanted to pause a study for a week, we would simply get together and pray for an hour. We would start with updates as usual, then read a reflection or a short saint story or a short Scripture passage. We would then pray a rosary and spend the next 20-45 minutes in Spirit-led prayer. These have been incredibly fruitful.”


Praying Over Group Members

“I guess this isn't really a study, but it's a great practice I hope all groups use. For a member's or couple's last meeting before a huge event (surgery, marriage, childbirth, etc.) we would end the meeting with that member or couple in the center of the group with all of us laying hands on them and praying for them out loud, by name. Very powerful for groups that can jump past any awkwardness it might involve.”



If you have feedback (positive or negative) on a resource listed on this page, or not listed, we would LOVE your thoughts and feedback! Please email Madison about your experience: mkinast@archindy.org



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