Formation House

We have a women’s formation house for young adults seeking personal growth and formation in the context of community. Desires and reasons for entering vary, but the hope is formation and growth of all members.

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Our Formation Houses

We have a unique opportunity for young adult women to live in intentional formation houses with their peers. House members participate in a weekly community night of fellowship and prayer and are a presence in the IndyCatholic community. Hear from former community members below about their experiences:


"Community living helped me to strive for more in my faith journey. It is almost inevitable being surrounded by four other strong Catholic women leading by example, that I would be challenged and learning something new daily."

—Susan, former community house member


"Women should consider living in community if they want to learn concretely how to give of themselves in a way that is sometimes uncomfortable, but when lived, who you were designed to be."

—Erica, former community house member


Our Formation Houses aren't simply a collection of Catholic people living together; our houses seek to be intentional living communities with a unique vision and mission that drives everything!


Some common threads of communal living are:

  • Weekly community nights
  • Daily communal prayer
  • Annual retreat
  • Involvement and presence in IndyCatholic community



FIAT - Women's Formation House

Vision: To create a community of women that inspire virtue.

Mission: To foster radical love by intentionally living out the vocation of woman.



Prayer - is drawing close to Love itself, so one is able to be Christ.

Service - is a tangible expression of love.

Authentic relationships - foster the desire to will the good of the other by encouraging life with Christ.

Hospitality - is opening one’s heart fully to what is entrusted to her.


Check out FIAT's website: CLICK HERE


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Where is the house located?

You'll be given details in the interview process.


How many women are in the house?

There are 5 spots in the house. Each year, some members stay, while other members turn over.


When is the move-in date?

Move-in and lease date for new members begins on June 1st, 2020.


What is the deadline to apply?

Application deadline for the 2020-2021 year cycle is April 18th, 2020. This will give us time to review applications, interview selected candidates, and square away the lease to give new community members time to plan their move-in accordingly.


Have questions that weren't answered above?

Filling out the application goes more into detail about the house, house commitments, and what living in community would be like. Want to ask a specific question before beginning the application? Contact house mentor, Brea Cannon:


Not interested in a formation house, but looking to connect with Catholic roommates in Indy? Visit our Facebook Group to make a post to our IndyCatholic community. Ask people to tag others they know looking for roommates to help you get connected.

Interested in living in community?

Apply by April 18th for 2020-2021 year.



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